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Production strength

Production workshop
First-class equipment, first-class production management system, is the production of high-tech, high-quality products essential conditions, we have the world's leading import processing equipment. We integrate the design power of various professional categories, combined with deep production skills, through skilled three-dimensional technology to show it. All of the core functions between our perfect cooperation, make the product more in line with the needs of customers; to develop mechanical equipment more rigorous, reliable, advanced and innovative; let all employees of their entire three-dimensional team, will be subject to a film embodied. "To create a win-win situation" core strategy, play integration of all resources, to achieve its concrete, and ultimately bring huge profits to customers.



Manufacturing equipment
With strong production strength, fully automatic CNC machine tools, three station hydraulic bus processing machine, automatic spraying production line and other advanced production equipment, design personnel and experienced technical personnel and management personnel, and the formation of the development, design, manufacture, construction of integrated service system.



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